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Sorouh X Hills Construction 2023

Sorouh Developments contracted with " Hills Construction" for "Entrada Avenue" commercial project, elevating its total contracts to 900 million Egyptian pounds within just two months.

In the light of a plan to speed up construction rates and deliver our promises, Sorouh Developments collaborates with Hills Construction for the execution of construction works of "Entrada Avenue" project in the New Administrative Capital, valued at 650 million Egyptian pounds. This decision is attributed to the distinguished location of the project, which, inspired by Spanish design, deserves grand efforts to turn the dream project into reality.

The selection of Hills Construction, a reputable entity with a proven track record in executing diverse famous real estate projects, shows Sorouh's commitment to meeting client expectations. "Entrada Avenue" project, situated in the distinctive R7 residential neighborhood, stands out as a commercial and administrative hub. Adjacent to international universities, overlooking the Expo City exhibition center, and offering comprehensive services, the project is poised to redefine the local landscape.

Sorouh is steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, ensuring adherence to specified deadlines and quality standards. The collaboration with Hills Construction represents a significant milestone for Sorouh Developments as it strives to fulfill its promises and deliver yet another landmark project in the real estate sector.