We are Sorouh

A quickly evolving real estate developer.

Founded in 2018

The Vision

To stand out as a revolutionary real estate developer with diversified expertise, providing the market with state of the art communities satisfying our thoughtful clients that will eventually last as generational legacies.

The Mission

Work as a client centric real estate developer that offers innovative real estate concepts that are well studied, perfectly built and serviced to sustain both our client’s trust and projects enduring.

The Values

Our commitment begins by assessing clients’ needs, and then tailoring our innovative project concept to fit those needs.

We define all details early on during the conceptual development, homes, commercial buildings and administrative complexes that are built for people to live, work, dine or shop happily and conveniently.

We always ensure that we plan for communities to last and for people to enjoy. Innovation is the highest priority offer creative designs, variety of spaces, comprehensive services, and aspirational architectural designs with one mandate exceeding client expectation.

We recognize that client trust is the real reward for all that we do, so we exert our utmost and devoted ourselves to deliver up to our promises.

The Promise

EGYPT is the pavement of all CIVILIZATIONS, and the land of LEGACIES. We witnessed great architectural development of all SCHOOLS AND NATIONS. MARVELOUS BUILDINGS, PALACES, CASTLES, CITADELS of all CIVILIZATIONS Which are the keepers of their builders’ stories and certainly they all succeeded to combat time. In EGYPT We are proud of ourselves with many LEGACIES, the PYRAMIDS are the definition of heritage and history, The BARON PALACE Stands for the meaning of love and beauty and MOHAMED ALI CITADEL is the landmark for power and eternity. We are a nation that respects LEGACIES, cherishes and appreciates their builders and echo their story telling.

EGYPTIAN pride themselves by inheriting properties and well designed buildings. Today the real estate development is progressing and inspiring many developers to compete in one of a kind project named “The New Administrative Capital” the latest and the largest of modern history. SOROUH is building LEGACIES A LEGACY of your own, SOROUH is not just our name, it is the core of our philosophy recognizing that we are all keen to leave our own LEGACIES behind for our next generations passing all our personal secrets, memories and sense of pride. SOROUH values the meaning of building A LEGACY, committed to deliver future LEGACIES and re-inventing others to offer you A LEGACY of your own.

Customer Centric Developer

You are at the Center of everything we do. We are committed to build you a legacy of your own, a legacy that you will pride yourself with. We are a nation that believes in real estate ownership and hence selecting the right properties that will sustain its value and combat time. It is never about the price, it is about a property that will live for generations to come.

This entails all projects details and facility management.

It is what makes us different from all competitor.

We are not selling a mega project that could not be sustained, we are developing communities that will last. Yes we are building legacies for you and that is our promise!

Our People

We Continuously hear it; it feels different to work for Sorouh.

We have picked our devoted and competent teamwork and engrained a customer centric culture that you can easily feel when meeting our people or contacting our call center.

Studying and developing communities that deliver enjoyable enduring experiences for our client taught us that credibility, joy and accountability should be our bridge to earn our clients trust.

Every person in the organization value client trust and we are all working to earn it using our talents and the diversity of our expertise.