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Sorouh X Detac 2023

Sorouh Developments contracted with Detac Construction and Trading to initiate the construction works of the "Cascadia" phase within Entrada project. Leveraging the proven success of Detac in collaboration with Sorouh on previous projects, including the initial phase of Entrada compound.

The collaboration aims to expedite the construction of the distinguished Cascadia phase in the New Administrative Capital, built upon the achievements of the other party in the first phase of Entrada. Sorouh is dedicated to fulfilling its commitment to clients by ensuring the timely delivery of the project's first phase, previously executed by Detac. Notably, Detac has demonstrated its proficiency by successfully completing all construction works of Citadel commercial complex, the company's second venture in the capital.

Purposefully, Sorouh emphasizes a strategic approach in selecting reputable engineering and technical expertise partners, aligning with the highest construction and technical standards. This commitment reflects Sorouh's dedication to preserving the value and investment viability of its projects, with the overarching goal of creating distinctive and optimal investments for its clients.